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Monday, February 11, 2008

Fargo Moorhead Best Banks: Premier Lender Profile Kara Misemer

Red River Home Guide
Premier Lender Profile Kara Misemer

Union State Bank
Hometown: Jamestown, ND
Your first job was: Jamestown Park and Recreation: I was a lifeguard in the summer and a hockey arena attendant during the winter
Favorite type of music: 80’s Rock
Professional training: I began my career with Union State Bank as a part time teller while in school and when I finished I worked as a full time customer service representative for a number of years before moving into the loan processing area. After mastering the processing aspect, I stepped into the front end of personal banking and more recently mortgage lending. The experience and training from each position has provided a solid, all-around foundation to work from.
Did you or do you have a mortgage mentor?: Ranetta Starr – a fellow Union State Bank lender who was one of the pioneers in mortgage lending at our bank.
What does a premier lender do on the weekend?: These are in no particular order as I enjoy them all: Going to the lakes, curling up with a good book, napping - catching up on sleep after a long week of working hard, enjoying the outdoors – walking, and of course bowling
Highest interest rate you remember?: Current Rates – when I started getting involved with mortgage on the processing side we were booking loans at ridiculously low rates
Favorite place to meet for a cup of joe?: Starbucks on 13th Ave in West Fargo
Favorite family hangout?: My older sister’s House – nieces and nephews included!
When I cook at home I like to...: totally experiment – it compliments my addition to the food network. I’m always trying something new!
One thing every consumer should keep in mind when searching for a mortgage: I see many customers come in and only want to talk about the interest rate. I would challenge them that the lowest rate isn’t always the best deal. You must look at the big picture and also at what your goals are. The interest rate is only one piece of the overall mortgage, and taking the time to compare apples to apples is important.
What is the most gratifying part of Lending?: Helping those customers who think they are beyond help…Working with individuals who find themselves in difficult financial situations and developing a solution to get them back on their feet and able to manage their finances once again.
Your Favorite Charity and why?”: United Way: It’s a great organization that is able help so many of our local agencies do important work in our community.

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