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Monday, February 11, 2008

Fargo Moorhead Best Banks: Premier Lender Profile Pam Schmidt

Red River Home Guide Premier Lender Profile Pam Schmidt

Bank of the West, 520 Main Avenue, Fargo, ND 58124
Hometown: Carpio, ND
Your first job was: Farming with my dad.
Professional training: BSBA – Business Administration from the University of North Dakota.
What does a premier lender do on the weekend?: Hang out with friends - dinner, movies, concerts, sports…..unless there’s kid’s sports or performances, then I’m usually there.
Highest interest rate you remember?: They were double digits when I started. I remember telling a friend of mine in my first year – “Of course you should refinance, the rates are below 10%.”
Favorite family hangout?: It depends on the season – my girls and I are at the soccer field, basketball court, softball field; and, of course, theater is year round.
When I cook at home I like to...: If it’s frozen and can be done in a few minutes, it fits the schedule.
One thing every consumer should keep in mind when searching for a mortgage: Look at the big picture. It isn’t just about the rate. It’s about which loan best fits you and your family – now and in the future. My goal is to make sure you are comfortable and to help you understand what you are getting. It shouldn’t be all work, it can be fun!
What is the most gratifying part of Lending?: The best part of mortgage lending is when my previous customers come back for another mortgage or send me a referral – that’s when I know I did my job well!
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